Financial institutions

Why Financial Institutions Need Next-Era Technology to Meet…

As financial services continue to meet the needs of highly digitized consumers, operational resilience is a top priority for regulators around the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced regulators’ aim to ensure that banks are able to continue to provide products and services to their customers in the event of disruption.

Assessing vital business functions, defining the levels of tolerance these functions can withstand, and testing tolerances at regular intervals enables banks to identify and protect against potential threats and failures. It also ensures that they are able to react and adapt to disruptive events.

Leveraging purpose-built technology solutions to drive operational resilience through AI and ML can help companies automate processes to predict failure conditions in complex systems and datasets.

While the increased interconnection of financial services through third-party activities provides fertile ground for innovation, it also drives the need to strengthen the extended digital ecosystem in which financial institutions operate.

Register for this Finextra webinar, in association with BMC, to join the panel of industry experts who will discuss the following areas:

  • Why is identification and mapping such a challenge for financial institutions? What role does business service assessment and tolerance testing play in meeting operational resiliency requirements?
  • How does a strong operational resilience strategy serve to strengthen a financial institution’s business case?
  • How do AI and ML technologies help reduce vulnerabilities in financial institutions? What are the security vulnerabilities within financial institutions today, and how are they increasing their exposure to cyber threats?

Speakers include:

  • Gary Wright – Head of Research, Finextra
  • Greg Bukowski – Strategic CTO, BMC