Financial institutions

The Jamaican government will sign a memorandum of understanding with the financial institutions regarding the NIDS

The Jamaican government has said it plans to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) early next month with financial institutions to participate in the nationwide National Identification System (NIDS) pilot project.

The Minister without Portfolio in the Prime Minister’s Office, Floyd Green, already says that the ten members of the Jamaica Bankers Association (JBA) have expressed their intention to sign the Memorandum of Understanding to participate in the NIDS pilot project.

He said the inclusion of banks will ensure a streamlined process when opening bank accounts using the national identification system.

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“We are dedicated to making the lives of Jamaicans easier and hassle-free. We know that without a holistic database for verification, it is very difficult for people doing business or opening accounts with commercial entities, such as banks,” he said. said, adding that through the NIDS, the government is helping unbanked people better manage their banking needs.

Green said the system will provide people with a safe, convenient and reliable way to prove their identity.

“It will reduce bureaucracy, it will encourage efficiency, but more importantly it will make life easier for our citizens,” he said.

The first pilot NIDS enrollment site is expected to be established in Kingston and St. Andrew by August 2022.

It is implemented by the Office of the Prime Minister and aims to provide a complete and secure structure to enable the collection and storage of identity information.

The voluntary system will also facilitate the electronic signing of documents and allow people to securely access a range of government services online.

Green sought to reassure Jamaicans that their personal information will be safe under the NIDS, noting that the government is taking all necessary steps to comply with international standards and best practices for data security and privacy. data.

“The government has engaged the Estonians to work with the project implementation unit to develop all security policies and standards for the NIDS. These standards will be adopted and implemented by the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) during the NIDS pilot,” he said.

He said a Jamaican cybersecurity firm has also been contracted to assist in the “strengthening” of the national identification system, which will work alongside international security experts.

Green said the NIDS databases are encrypted with Transparent Data Encryption to meet the requirements set out in the National Identification and Registration Act (2021).