Bank loans

Tax-exempt loans to governments and non-profit organizations; Bank loans and direct purchases of municipal securities

Amanda Stephens
Public Finance, Banking & Finance Partner


Amanda Stephens focuses her practice on public finance, where she advises on bonds, advises on disclosure, advises underwriters, advises issuers and advises banks on a wide range of taxable and tax-exempt transactions, including education, non-profit corporations and health care.

Amanda has advised over $2 billion in charter school financings offered to the public and placed by individuals. His work on these fundings spans the country, including Texas, Florida, Tennessee, California, Arizona, and New York, among others. Amanda works with a non-profit social impact fund, the first of its kind, that leverages private charter loans in the public market. Since their inception in 2018, Amanda has worked on documenting over $350 million in loans to high-performing charter schools that don’t otherwise have access to long-term, low-cost financing. Amanda and her team are responsible for working with the local borrower’s attorney for each new borrower and each new state to create a financing structure that meets the borrower’s long-term needs, while complying with the state charter law and customer lending requirements. Amanda has also created structures to assist with taxable repayments, to finance around existing new market tax credit structures, and many other borrower needs.

Amanda also represents banks and other financial institutions in connection with direct purchases of tax-exempt bonds and the issuance of letters of credit and other liquidity facilities in connection with tax-exempt transactions. .

During her career, Amanda has prepared, negotiated and reviewed contracts, loan documents, amendments, closing documents, default letters, demand letters, payment and repurchase agreements, subordination agreements between creditors and federal tax lien subordinations. She has also reviewed customer contracts and MSA agreements in the oil and gas, construction, medical, retail and transportation industries, and she has addressed regulatory and compliance issues for the financial sector and the oil and gas industry. Amanda was previously an in-house attorney for a national financial services company. She also served as staff attorney for Judge Jaclanel McFarland of the 133rd Civil District Court in Harris County, Texas, and Assistant District Attorney for the Harris County Attorney’s Office.