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sitharaman: Ethanol units: FM will push for bank loans | Patna News

PATNA: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will visit the state next month and address the concerns of the state government over bank lending issues faced by investors who have submitted proposals for the creation of ethanol production units in Bihar.
On the other hand, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has agreed to consider Birla Institute of Technology (BIT) Patna campus application for early regularization of 2022 academic sessions for postgraduate and undergraduate courses.
Both Sitharaman and Pradhan expressed their willingness to consider both issues in their interaction with Deputy Minister of State CM and Minister of Finance Tarksihore. Prasadwhen he paid them separate courtesy visits in Delhi on Saturday.
Prasad pleaded with Sitharaman that investors willing to invest in the ethanol production plants with a production capacity of 30 to 50 kiloliters per day had encountered problems obtaining bank loans for their units.
It was an urgent issue that needed to be addressed, as the eyes of the state emerged as the center of ethanol production in the country, Prasad told Sitharaman and also asked him that the production quota of ethanol be increased to 65 kiloliters per day. In the process, Prasad also extended an invitation to him to visit the state, to which Sitharaman gave his consent.
Prasad also informed Sitharaman of the strength of the state in the agribusiness sector, and said that production in agriculture and related activities, such as cattle raising, fishing and dairy, even during the coronavirus pandemic, has helped the state maintain its growth rate. He said special measures should be taken to further strengthen this sector in the state.
In his interaction with Pradhan, Prasad told him that the Patna campus of the BIT, which was established in 2006, has fixed the academic session and the start of the admission process for postgraduate courses from May 2022 and for undergraduate students starting June 22.
Noting that the Patna campus of the BIT has already applied for permission for both proposals, Prasad pleaded with Pradhan to quickly grant permission to streamline academic activities on campus.