Bank loans

Man detained in Dubai for taking out bank loans on behalf of his compatriots

Dubai: A Dubai-based man has been accused of tricking four of his compatriots into obtaining their documents and making them sign bank loan papers claiming they were employment contracts. According to the Dubai Magistrate’s Court, the defendant and three other compatriots defrauded a group of four with “new job offers” at a construction company in Dubai. He took their passports and IDs and asked them to sign documents claiming they were employment contracts.

“We were thinking of signing employment contracts but [they were actually] bank loan papers under our names,” one of the victims said in official documents.

The defendant disappeared when the victims received calls from eight banks indicating that the defendant had taken out bank loans using the victims’ documents.

The four victims located the defendant’s residence at Karama in Dubai. They asked him to return their documents but he summoned 12 people who attacked them at his home and stole their mobile phones.

One of the victims managed to escape and alerted the Dubai police, who arrested the accused and three others, who were later charged with unlawfully detaining the four workers and assaulting them.

The judges sentenced them to five years in prison and ordered a fine of 760 Dh, which will be followed by expulsion.