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Gen Z’s Financial Anxiety Offers Major Opportunities for Financial Institutions – Tearsheet

Pandemic-fueled financial anxiety is still alive and well among Gen Zers. A September survey by Capital One found that nearly 40% of Gen Zers feel stressed about money due to the pandemic. . Almost half said Covid had impacted the way they manage their finances.

However, Gen Zers still show a desire to learn more about finance. Nearly 80% say they would have liked to learn these subjects at school.

investment tools and premium products such as larger instant deposits from $5,000 up to a maximum of $50,000, Morningstar research on 1,700 stocks, Level II market data from the Nasdaq and increased access to margin trading. It has greater purchasing power and larger instant deposits than the Robinhood Instant account.

That drive continues to present an opportunity for financial services providers, according to a Capital One spokesperson. Currently, 83% of Gen Zers say they have learned about finances from family members living with them. Financial service providers who can step in most effectively as additional or alternative sources of financial knowledge could quickly gain the trust of this rising generation of adults.

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