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RIYADH: As UAE and Saudi Arabia aim to reach net zero by 2050 and 2060, Gulf Cooperation Council region is a place of innovation, says Wärtsilä Energy Global Chairman Sushil Purohit in an interview with Arab News.

Due to the addition of nuclear and solar power to the national grid, the UAE is expected to meet more than 50% of its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2050.

“It’s quite ambitious, but it’s possible because the UAE has very good weather conditions to achieve it,” Purohit said.

It is extremely important that organizations invest in this project, he told Arab News. In addition, Purohit suggested that governments prepare power systems to use renewable energy efficiently.

He also recommended that in addition to renewables, people invest in energy storage and flexible balancing capacity to ensure that future systems will be as efficient as possible.

Purohit also pointed out that the GCC has a lot of potential, especially in terms of hydrogen. Investing in and producing hydrogen, hydrogen fuel, ammonia or synthetic gas are some of the things that can be done in the region, Purohit said.

The region has a competitive advantage because it is the location that innovates in energy, Purohit said when asked about the innovative and attractive aspects of GCC.

Regarding weather conditions, he noted that solar and wind energy are excellent sources of renewable energy in the region. He added that the government’s willingness to invest and create an industry based on renewable energy, green hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels is what gives the GCC an advantage.

“I think political will is important, which I think you have as well. You have the infrastructure, you know how to produce energy and export. Obviously, this is a place where things can happen,” Purohit added.

According to Purohit, the GCC market offers Wärtsilä Energy many exciting opportunities, and the company is continuously investing in resources, skills and facilities here.