Bank loans

CBI to release list of top bank loan defaulters by Friday

TEHRAN – The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) will release the list of major defaulters on bank loans by the end of the current Iranian calendar week (Friday), the bank’s governor announced.

“As we promised before, the list of major bank loan defaulters will be released in more detail by the end of the week,” Ali Saleh-Abadi told IRNA after a meeting with chief executives. banks on Monday.

Last week, CBI’s public relations director, Mostafa Qamari-Vafa, tweeted: “The central bank, as part of the overall banking network reform plan and based on financial discipline and credit health of banks, according to paragraph D of Note 16 of the Budget Law of 1401 (current Iranian calendar year) will publish the names of major defaulters on bank loans from next week.

According to the CBI, the table relating to information on major bank debtors will be completed in the middle of the next Iranian calendar month (April 20-May 20) after receiving relevant information from banks.

As announced on April 11 by the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Ehsan Khandouzi, 11 public banks had already published their list of the main defaulters.

Stressing that this level of transparency is unprecedented in the country’s banking history, the Minister said: “The names of the actual companies and entities that were among the major bad payers on bank loans have been revealed, and we hope that this will help banks recover debts and allow more creditworthy people, whether producers or ordinary citizens, to have access to bank resources.