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BI: Siapik App Helps MSMEs Obtain Rs 18.3 Billion Bank Loans

TEMPO.CO, JakartaBank of Indonesia (BI) said the Siapik app had helped MSMEs get Rs 18.3 billion in bank loans in 2021. A BI official said that by the end of 2021 there were 17,837 users of the app. Siapik app.

“Of these, 724 MSMEs using Siapik have secured financing from banks for a total of IDR 18.3 billion,” said the head of MSME development and consumer protection at the central bank, Yunita. Official Sari, Monday March 7, during the “Kick Off”. Synergy to foster MSMEs’ access to finance through the “Using Siapik” event in Jakarta.

Siapik, which is short for “Financial Information Recording Application Information System”, is an application developed by BI since 2017 as part of an effort to encourage MSMEs to record financial transactions to generate reports.

Yunita Official Sari said that Siapik is “an accounting application that applies standard, easy, safe, simple and reliable principles, and is used to record financial transactions through both Android and iOS mobile phones as well as PCs. office”.

The app is also BIresponds to the rapid growth of Internet users over the past five years as well as the development of digitization of MSMEs.

Siapik also comes with backup and restore features to protect financial transaction data from loss, and contains information on how to use it to help users enter data according to transaction type .

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